Productivity Energy/Mindset

Getting What You Want & Enjoying What You Already Have

Do you ever wonder how to create more of what you want in a joyful way, while enjoying what you have already achieved?

This blog is all about getting what you want with more ease and flow, whilst enjoying what you already have. I’ll be sharing what worked/didn’t work for me to achieve some pretty big goals, and what I’m taking with me to create the next chapter.

What does achieving with ease and flow actually mean?

It’s taking the time to feel into your goals using intuition and heart - rather than just head (that comes later)

Instead of looking at what your needs are first ie money, feel into what you desire - which can well be money, but delve a little deeper into what that money gives you (security, stability, freedom etc)

So when you write your money goal, feel into the deeper meaning that it brings you.

For me, money gives me choices, which allows my free-spirit to soar and not get bogged down with everyday human mundane.

Creating from this space is important, as it sets the vibration to desire rather than a needy place. From pushing to magnetically attracting.

The blessing and curse of being an ambitious spiritual woman in business.

The balance of gratitude and appreciation vs continual evolution and growth.

Having achieved so many goals over the last few years, I am now feeling into the next chapter, and reflecting on how I got here.

Exploring what actually moved the needle…. 

and what didn’t:

❌Always planning.

❌Being too focused on the outcome

❌Constantly in the ‘how’ state

Achieving goals should be fun, exciting, playful.

✅Taking that next step without attachment to the outcome.

✅Allowing yourself the space to free flow.

✅Focusing on the FEELS of the outcome (rather than the actual outcome)

Working in a cyclical way with the moon, and nature’s cycles, has helped me understand the ebbs and flows of life which directly affect productivity levels and focus, as well as being intentional about where you’re headed.

✨Checking in with the intention you set at the start of the moon cycle.

✨Feeling into the vision daily.

✨Seeing it in your mind’s eye with clarity and purpose.

When times were tough, I was trying to create from a scarcity fear-led space which gave me scarce shaky results.

I used to create detailed plans and schedules of how I was going to make money every month - rather than just trusting the universe always supports me, and taking the next inspired step after I had set my intentions.

When in doubt of confusion, just ask yourself (or as I do write it down) 

What do I feel called to share/do right now?

Then don’t think just DO it!

What stage are you at right now - manifesting or living your manifestation? I’d love to know, share with me below.

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