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New Moon Intention Ritual For Business Planning + Goal Setting.

Would you like to know how to hold a New Moon intention setting session to enhance + amplify your business planning?

Today’s blog is all about how to create goals that cultivate powerful outcomes in business, using this New Moon Intention setting practice.

The Moon is the most consistent and reliable planner available.

It takes 29.5 days for the moon to rotate around the earth, and moves into 8 powerful phases.

Setting your goals/intentions at a New Moon, allows you to plant the seeds of your dreams into fertile ground and bloom as the moon waxes and turns into a full moon.

Set The Scene

Every new moon, you’ll find me locking myself away in my office. If my Princess and Mr Handsome are home, they get notice not to interrupt me for a couple of hours (you don’t need to take this long) It’s a super exciting time for me, and I relish the feeling of a blank new canvas I can paint whatever I’d like to create.

  • Start with cleansing your space using Sage, Palo Santo or Incense.
  • Grab your journal, Artist pad, coloured pens/textas
  • Put some beautiful music that uplifts and relaxes.
  • Write down what you’d like to create.
  • Create a Crystal grid (optional)
  • Feelings Over Musts

When writing down your goals/intentions, the MOST IMPORTANT part of all this is to feel your way through.

Let your gut feels rule when setting goals. Throw the ‘shoulds’ out!

Use a combination of external goals and feelings.

For example: If you'd like to make $10k this month, write down your money goal but then think about how you’d like to feel.

You could write something like: I feel accomplished, grounded and prosperous.

It’s important not to write down more than 10 intentions/goals each month, and EVEN MORE IMPORTANT to hand write rather than type these out.

I usually have anywhere between 1-5.

Snapshot Forecast

Every new Moon I do Moon Reading.

I’ve got a stack of oracle cards, and pull out a bunch of them at one time and choose 5 decks to work with.

This is all very intuitive.

You can pick all 5 cards from the same deck or different ones - totally up to you.

Grab a blank piece of paper and write down each card that you pick for the following:

  1. New Moon
  2. Waxing
  3. Full
  4. Waning
  5. Dark Moon

Write down the name of each card, and what comes up for you intuitively as you read the in depth description.

As you approach each phase, refer back to this to keep you on track and in flow.

This is an interactive and daily process, of connecting to self and higher powers so it's important for daily self-reflection.

Let me know which part of this process you’re looking forward to implementing.

Bonus points if you come back and tell me how you felt afterwards!

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