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The Struggle Is Real :: Here's How To Turn It Into Productive Action

Ever had one of those days where everything feels so hard, and completing the smallest of tasks feels so hard?

This blog is all about how to turn struggle into productive action.

The Struggle....

Fast pace frantic does not equal success..

Hustle doesn’t mean being frazzled.

At the time of writing this post, I had been doing so much more journaling, and what came up was that struggle had been defining who I was.

I say who I was because I’m no longer choosing this way of being.

As part of a program I was doing, I asked myself what abundance would mean to me, and wrote a bunch of positive things I’m manifesting.

The second part of it was asking myself why I would NOT choose this?

This is what I wrote:

I’d lose my struggle.

Not sure how to live without struggling and striving. Pushing makes me feel alive at times. Not sure how to get this and be able to uphold it all.

If I’m not successful I don’t have much to lose. The struggle has become part of me.

It has defined me and become a badge of honour.

Look how strong and resilient I am.

Where else would I get my drive?

I now realize there’s other ways to show my strength and resilience.

Who woulda thought that was going on below the surface?

There’s other ways to feel driven that don’t involve mental and physical exhaustion.

I’m all about the hustle + flow.

The push and make shit happen is my default mode.

In that mode of operation, I used to forget about the flow part, which resulted in highs and lows.

Consistent action is where it’s at.

I used to try and micro-manage my appointments for each day and it was tiring.

What I’m doing instead, is time blocking.

So my day consists of the following:

  • Journaling/mindset + writing
  • Study
  • Social Media
  • To-do list
  • Movement (Health)

I’m finding so much more joy and creative flow in doing it this way.

It doesn’t mean that I’m punching the clock, and I complete what I’m doing until I feel DONE.

If it’s 10am and it’s study time, but I’m in a creative flow of writing or journaling - then I ain’t stopping girlfriend :)

I’m also working on NOT getting on my phone as soon as I open my eyes.

It’s time to use that energy and focus on creativity that flows out of me. That makes me feel alive and ready to show up for my tribe.

What increases your creative flow?

Write 3-5 things that you can do every morning before you jump on your phone, (check emails/social media).

For me it’s:

  • Taking a few deep breaths before jumping out of bed
  • Wash my face/brush teeth
  • Take my Daughter to school
  • Journal
  • Write

If you ever feel stuck, think about the big picture and work back from there.

What’s your true calling?

Think beyond the money, popularity, fame etc

How do you want to impact peeps lives?

What legacy would you like to leave behind?

My calling is to share my journey to help women stop settling for mediocre, own their true magnificence, and reclaim sovereignty & joy.

It’s been my own personal journey so I speak from experience.

Remember: you don't have to do this alone. I’m here to hold your hand with love and honesty.

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