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What To Do When You Can't Get In The Creative Zone.

Ever had one of those days when you're meant to be working on a creative project like writing sales copy, or even worse social media content for a time-sensitive launch?

Here's my experience of going from Woe To FLOW.

Oops I did it again...

I got too caught up in my head again.

THINKING about what I’m going to write, rather than just allowing it to flow.

Some things just can’t be so pre-meditated.

When I get out of my own way, writing and ideas flow. But my Virgo brain gets all caught up with the technicalities and it all goes to shit.

I talk so much about Hustle + Flow.

Staying in flow is just as hard as hustling for the most part, when you're a multi-passionate Zen Hustler. I’m always discovering new insights about myself, life and business that I get so caught up in.

Today was a classic example.

I started my day as normal, journaling with my Coffee.

But instead of just being in the moment and allowing it to unfold, I started to pre-empt what I would write about, how I would write it, where I would post it etc.

When all I REALLY needed to do, was be in the moment in order for the creative magic to FLOW.

I’m not going to go on about this, coz the message is pretty fricken simple.

Always write your hearts truth rather mindless chatter.

Write what’s in your heart + head right now.

This started off as a ‘how-to’ post, and turned into a heartfelt release of pent up frustration at myself for 'doing-it-again'.

It’s also a Yin phase today, which means it’s more about going within, stillness and hearing your inner voice who knows best.

This is what I love about understanding Lunar cycles.

It’s not that Yin means NOT working, it’s just that the heart craves something different today and it’s important to honour it.

Some days are more Yang, others are more Yin. Follow YOUR flow.

Now what irks me is when I see peeps using the lunar cycle or Yin phase to NOT do anything. If you are telling yourself this, then it’s time for an honesty check. Hold your own intervention on yourself lol (jokes ok)

Seriously though, ask yourself...

what’s really holding you back?

When I’m stuck I go to my journal for answers.

Get back to basics..

I actually hand write the simplest of question and get the most amazing responses. They’re usually so different to what you had initially thought, and don’t necessarily need to be complicated.

If I’m stuck I’ll write…..

What do I need to know right now?

And then the questions + answers will flow from there.

Some things that tend to happen after journaling are:

:: I end up writing about something completely different to share with my peeps.

:: I receive answers that help me shift an underlying issue.

:: I release deep seated emotions.

:: I replace confusion with clarity.

Be sure to take some time today and everyday to journal to ensure you build your business from a heart & soul space.

Want more FLOW in your life?


It’s taken years of heartache, with so much money and time wasted, but I finally got to see how to blend Hustle + Flow. It all really came together for me when I started working with the Lunar cycle over 6 years ago.

Everything changed. Shifted. Aligned. Flowed.

I became aware of nature’s cycles.

It all started with an awareness of how the lunar cycle works. Which led to creating my daily practice, and grew to honouring the wheel of year, astrological archetypes and planetary energies and more importantly applying it to my business.

It’s been an amazing journey of discovery, which led to creating Lunar Business Success System, followed by Cosmically Productive.