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Are you ready to learn the simplest process to have a business that reflects who you are at your core, is the unique reflection of your soul, AND brings in more clients?

Get instant access to Claim Your Calling to uncover what you really need to call in your soul sister clients, take purpose-led action, and create work-life harmony in your business.

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What if your business felt joyful while making you a ton of money?

  • You want a business that truly represents you and impacts the world in a unique way, but somewhere along the way you started following the pack and lost sight of your innate purpose.

  • Or maybe you want to feel fulfilled and vibrant but you’re in no position to create your dream life, and can’t see how clients would want to work with you.

  • Or you want to operate your business in an intentional conscious way, and still bring in enough income to support your family..

  • You’re following all the formulas, thinking positive thoughts, posting 3-5 times a week, sharing your experience and expertise and yet none of the people you’re actually ‘speaking’ to are reaching out to work with you.

    You get so frustrated with waiting, that you start to feel demotivated and go from a well oiled machine to feeling so much resistance around taking action, followed by confusion if you’re even on the right path.

    Am I on the right path?

    What if I try this new strategy instead?

    This worked for another person I know, I’ll just try this tactic….

    And the yo-yo cycle continues.

    See What Course Participants Are Saying...

    “Claim Your Calling worked me through the most important business meeting I have ever had, the chat with ME!”

    Sharon Johnson

    Small Business Owner

    “Great program! If you want to overcome your fear of failure and shift your victim-mindset, I recommend this. From being lost and distracted everythingpreneur, I booked 2 dream clients and on my way to launching my first-ever package!”

    Kathrina Salonga

    Business Coach

    You want a purpose-led business that’s profitable, but you must understand what your true purpose is or you will never be able to profit from your business.

    If you want to have a business that’s purpose-led AND profitable, then it’s important to first understand what your true North purpose is.

    Not what looks good or others are doing, but what you were sent here to do.

    Your innate gifts, which contrary to what most people think don’t always show up crystal clear.

    You want to have freedom of choice, but constantly find yourself unsure of your next move, not making an ROI on time and energy in your business and doing things you just don’t want to be doing.

    Every year you set your intentions, make big plans and are certain that this will be your 6/7 figure year, and clients will finally know you as the go-to person in your field.

    Which follows by frustration and confusion if you’re even on the right path.

    If this sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve disconnected with yourself which directly impacts your income.

    With Claim Your Calling you will uncover what’s really holding you back, from calling in your Soul Sister Clients.

    Imagine turning pain into purpose AND profit, while operating your business from a grounded knowing space where money flows, client base grows and your mind is free to enjoy the fun stuff


    Don't just believe me, here's what other's have to say...

    Claim Your Calling called out to me at a time when I needed to get clear about myself and my work.

    I spent around half an hour a day over a week working through the modules, delving into old thoughts and patterns, shifting them along to determine what my values are here and now.

    Once I got that clarity I was able to reflect it in my business.

    When you're clear on who you are and what you do it has a ripple effect throughout your life.

    The program was affordable, easy to access, the audios are clear and it feels like Monique is right there with you in the room.

    There are many programs that offer similar insights, this one is affordable, delves deep to get the results and Claim Your Calling really resonated with the place I was in, and gave me the results I needed.

    Lorelle Mac

    Business Intuitive

    I've had success running businesses for other people and yet couldn't quite sort my own business out to the same level of success.

    I had all the right strategies in place, all the plans the maps and the charts but something was holding me back.

    I was frustrated. Then, by chance I came across Zen Hustler and worked through the Claim Your Calling program, and here is what I learned. I was holding myself back.

    I had issues that seemed trivial but, were actually having a big negative impact on my business goals and my inner conversation.

    Claim Your Calling didn't magically fix my issues but it worked me through the most important business meeting I have ever had, the chat with ME! I recommend taking the time to invest in yourself with the help of Monique.

    Sharon Johnson
    Business Intuitive

    I highly recommend Claim Your Calling! I signed up for the program because of a painful past that I kept hiding from people.

    As a PCOS sufferer, I struggle with my moods and concentration-levels, which means I have a hard time choosing what I want to do. I have so many passions and interest which makes it even worse.

    CYC taught me how to access my pains and fears, and use them as a powerful source of energy to propel my business, and connect with my audience. I also learned how to use my energy wisely.

    After completing the program, I booked two new DREAM clients and I'm launching my first-ever service package now. I recommend this to anyone who wants to transform their business and life.

    Kathrina Salonga
    Business Coach

    Is This You?

    It's time to stop chasing and start claiming!

  • Stop/start

  • You constantly find yourself restarting and want to create a solid foundation and pathway to move forward in your business.

  • Looping back on repeat

  • You’ve tried all these convoluted business building programs, and want a simple way to make money from your God given gifts.

  • The Callling

  • You feel called to create a business that aligns with your mission, and is also a profitable niche.

  • It's complicated

  • You find yourself using complicated systems, or delivering misaligned offers, wondering why they’re not selling.

  • Get instant access to Claim Calling


    • You’re not willing to do the work required. 

    • You’re not interested in claiming your calling, and profit from your purpose.

    • You’re looking for an external fix-it rather than doing the internal work.

    Here's How We're Going To Make Your Business Profitable..

    What’s really holding you back.

    Turning your backstory into a unique value proposition in the market

    What truly matters to you.

    Getting to the heart of your heart to unleash your true badassery, so you can be a lighthouse for your clients to find you.

    How to turn pain into pleasure.

    Use your pain to empower yourself, and lead the transformation for your clients

    6-7 Figure Moves

    My top 3 tools to connect with yourself, and elevate your client attraction energy.

    Elevating + claiming your calling.

    Shifting your mindset from hardship to receiving, and enjoy having a profitable business.

    Clear pathway

    No more second guessing yourself. Take purpose-led that's activated and aligned so you now get amplifed outcomes.

    I want to show you how to use your innate gifts to attract your ideal clients, and grow your purpose-led business.



    Creating content that’s powerful and yet easy to create.


    Having a waitlist of clients waiting to work with you.


    Have the time and money to make decisions that feel good for you.


    Feeling grounded and centered as you run your business every day.


    Responding rather than reacting.


    Knowing how to grow your business in a steady loving way.


    Understanding what’s impacting your business growth.


    Being present and visible in your business.


    Turning your pain into profit.


    Feeling wholesome + wealthy


    Letting go of pain to make way for fun in your business + life.

    It’s time to see the world from a different vantage point, and let the world witness your innate gifts, allow you to be the go-to for your peeps..

    Get instant access to Claim Calling

    You might be wondering..

    I've tried everything to stay on track, why will this be different?

    Like you I’ve bought a million different programs that promised the world, so it's not your fault that you’re feeling quite cynical about buying another program.

    I’m not going to tell you that this program will miraculously make money fall down from the sky - it will at the very least allow you to lay down solid foundations for your business, and create a purpose-driven pathway so your clients find you sooner, instead of having to change your game plan every few months and then taking them on the confusing journey with you.

    As humans we’re always changing and evolving, what’s wrong with changing my business game plan as I evolve?

    Your business is an extension of you and will grow with you, the difference with being purpose-led is that your values, mission and purpose will typically remain the same.

    It may become clearer and evolve, but the theme is the same.

    This course will help you fast track the discovery process, saving you time, energy and money so that you can start profiting from your purpose.

    Plus I’ve made it super simple to complete and implement - in as little as a few hours.

    How will I get the results I need at this low price?

    I’ll share some feedback from past students:

    “There are many programs that offer similar insights, this one delves deep to get the results, is affordable and Claim Your Calling gave me the results I needed.

    I had so many painful experiences hidden in a facade of smiles and humor, that I didn’t know were crippling me.

    CYC takes you deep into the pain that holds you back, so you can clear it and get on with life.”

    What happens after training ends?

    You get to decide.

    If you feel like CYC has put you on your path and you're ready to share your message with the world then I can't wait to hear you roar.

    If on the other hand you would like more support, DM me on Instagram

    Why listen to me?

    There was nowhere left to run…. My business wasn’t operating the way I wanted….

    I had to hit rock bottom before deciding - no more.

    This wasn’t the life I wanted and it was going to change now! The change was small, simple and gradual, yet deep and lasting.

    The processes I share in CYC have taken me from confused coach to purpose-led Zen Hustler, and I feel so honored to be sharing them with you.


    About Me

    I enable action taking Spiritual Female Entrepreneurs to create consistent cash flow, increase their productivity and harness their intuition to guide strategic decisions so that they can build profitable and sustainable purpose-led businesses.

    For over 15 years I have built successful online businesses. As a certified Coach and spiritual explorer I have mastered the art of flow-led strategies which amplify results, without the grind, to help driven women build purpose-driven businesses, without complexity or burnout.

    My Clients work with me to learn how to get more done, without feeling stretched, so that they can live their best life with ease, simplicity and flow whilst building and growing their purpose-led business.

    It’s time to bring in all parts of you to create the aligned action taking prescription blend just for YOU!



    If you don't find your answer, please contact me on Instagram, I'll be more than happy to assist you

    Q1. How is this program delivered?

    Get instant access as soon as you sign up. The program consists of audio training and comprehensive workbook. If you purchase the VIP option, you also get direct access to me (see below)

    Q2. How do I know if this is for me?

    This is for you if you're running a business, and feel like you:

    • - Are you ready to welcome way more clients than you have now.
    • - Need to share your message on a deeper level.
    • - Aren't sure how to use your life experience to build your business.
    • - Are unsure how to package your gifts including painful stories to connect and call in your soul tribe.
    Q3. Do I need to have an existing business?

    It’s the best way to start your business on the right foundations and avoid having to pivot it all 3 years down the line because it doesn’t feel aligned.

    Whether you have an idea and are unsure how to bring it to life OR you know you have a message to share and need some help to delve deeper and bring it all together.

    Q4. Do I have to attend anything live?

    The modules are available immediately.

    If you sign up for the VIP option at checkout, you also get 1:1 time with me

    Q5. How much do I need to invest?

    Full price is $222, it's currently available for $35

    Q6. Do you offer 1:1 support?

    Yes. I offer a month of both 1:1 and Messenger support for personalized coaching and mentoring.

    $660 for the month DM me on Instagram for more info.

    It's Time To Claim Your Calling

    Claim your calling - call in your clients.