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Next Step Strategy Session $44

The Original Zen Hustler

Flow-led Business & Productivity Strategist to action taking spiritual female entrepreneurs.

MG, Virgo Sun, Gemini Moon, Sag Rising. Moon Fanatic, Simplifier, Latte lover (coffee, chai, matcha, turmeric on rotation). Tree Hugger, Pink obsessed (clearly the colour hehe).

I enable action-taking conscious driven women to create consistent cash flow, increase productivity and implement sacred strategies so that they can build profitable and sustainable purpose-led businesses.

My Clients work with me to learn how to get more done, without feeling stretched, so that they can live their best life with ease, simplicity and flow whilst building and growing their purpose-led business.

For over 15 years I have built successful online businesses. As a certified Coach and spiritual explorer I have mastered the art of flow-led strategies which amplify results, to help driven women build purpose-driven businesses, without complexity or burnout.

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Nature is our guide, and shows us how to move through seasons of life.

The moon is our timekeeper, and gives us an inside look at our emotions.

Astrology gives us a clear guide on productivity and business planning.

Cosmic energy is our collective guiding force.

My Superpower - I simplify.

I'll turn your:

  • Mess into a message
  • Idea into a plan
  • Download into a strategy
  • Purpose into a business.

What is Zen Hustle?

It’s not having to do things in a one dimensional way.

It’s flow-led action.

It’s feeling crazy ambitious while being grounded and centred.

It’s working in the natural way you work.

It’s all the polar opposites coming together in a blend that works for YOU.

Zen Hustle Pillars

Duality - You don’t have to choose one or the other. Create a blend that works for you.

Seasons/cycles - We are cyclical beings. Our business also works in seasons/cycles.

Rhythms - Work in the way you naturally work. This means you get more done with more ease.

Strategy - Every idea needs a solid strategy to bring it to life.

Systems - We work smarter by implementing simple systems.

Foundational Five

Faith - however that may look for you God, Creator, Higher power.

Finances - It’s spiritual to be rich. Managing your finances is essential.

Family - making time for family is non-negotiable.

Fitness - moving your body daily is imperative for a business that’s sustainable.

Fun - because work is fun, and it’s fun to build a business that’s fun :)