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Next Step Strategy Session $44

Are you ready make money with more ease?

For action taking Spiritual Female Entrepreneurs who want to make money with simplicity & ease, without the complexity or extra workload, even if you’ve tried all the systems.

You need to make sustainable income & impact....

You wonder how women online make it look so easy to grow their business, whilst still feeling engaged in family life.

Every idea that comes through feels like it’s your 6 figure move, and yet you feel further away from your goal than ever before.

You feel inspired to get so much done, and at the end of the day between marketing, creating and motherhood - there isn’t much to show for the effort.

Having a schedule that allows for structure AND spontaneity gives you the foundations for consistent cashflow. But the truth is it all feels like fluff and jargon, with no tangible return.

Even if it does work, where will you fit in the time to add something else to your list?

Some days it feels easier to throw it all away, by choosing certainty over creativity.

If someone just shared the framework

-you know you could do it-

After all, you’re an action taker. You’ve bought many courses, watched the trainings, and know you have a greater purpose in life that needs to be birthed through your business.

But right now:

You map and plan your daily schedule - it never works out the way you plan.

You sit down to take action - then start to procrastinate and distract yourself with social media or ‘more important tasks’

You think you’ve found the right work/life ‘balance’ - which ends up being too much work and not enough lifeing or vice versa.

You have so many ideas - work yourself up trying to figure out which one to launch first.

You’re ready for this Sister. 

Can you imagine:

  • How joyful it would feel, as you productively manage your daily schedule, so that you get more done, with more ease.

  • Knowing exactly what you need to do to make money, without sacrificing your values, boundaries and needs.

  • Creating the perfect blend of work life-ing, so you make business choices that FEEL good for you, and grow your business.

  • Getting clarity on your next launch, next step, next action, through intuitive & strategic planning.

  • What if all you needed was the framework to unlock your internal resources?

    In 5 weeks I’m going to share with you what took me over 15 years of running a business to learn about how to make more money, by working in the way you naturally work.Why waste time trying to learn it yourself?

    Join Sustainable Biz Growth now


    • Having the freedom to choose how you plan your day, rather than the hustle & grind.

    • Knowing what needs to happen daily in order for your business to grow with ease.

    • Receiving money by working in the natural way you work.

    • Being able to combine structure with spontaneity, so your work schedule is fun, and productivity flows.

    • Of Course You Are!!

    Jump In Here

    Introducing… Sustainable Biz Growth

    Learn the simple sustainable way to make money & grow your business with ease & flow.


    • Know how to create foundations and systems which allow you to leverage and grow your business.

    • Learn the 5 key areas of focus which determine the quality of results.

    • Be able to implement the 6 Step Sustainability System to keep the cash flowing.

    • Know how to create a sacred space that feels aligned, and amplifies the results of your actions.

    • Understand your personal rhythms and cycles to amplify results of actions you take.

    • Learn how to work with internal and external Seasons and cycles of your business. Harness the energy to magnetize your goals and desires.

    In Sustainable Biz Growth we focus on getting more done with simplicity & flow - say goodbye to the grind, and hello to flow-led action that makes you more money.


    • You're a coach or an online service provider

    • You're an action taking spiritual entrpreneurial woman

    • You don't have hours to waste - you want to leverage and harness what's already available to you.

    • You want more than just a 6fig guarantee. Quality of life is priceless.

    • You want a business that fits in with your lifestyle, and still makes money.


    • You don't want to work with your own personal rhythms and cycles, as well nature's cycles.

    • Are looking for a program to save you. Whilst this a powerful program, it's important to stay in your power throughout the process.

    • You're someone who believes they will instantly have magical results simply because they enrolled. The results you get are connected to the effort you put in.

    Here’s what you get in Sustainable Biz Growth

    This program was created to share the process that took me from hustle n grind to flow-led productivity.

    Week 1: Seasons + Cycles

    Understanding your biz and personal season, and how you work differently in each season.
    Working with your personal 2 year cycle 
    Yearly theme focus
    Personal monthly cycle

    Week 2: Your Natural Rhythm

    Learn the 5 keys to tapping into and working with the natural way you way.

    Your innate work style using your natal chart.

    The 2 key areas to deepen your connection to your personal rhythm.

    Week 3: Productivity Power Planning

    How to create a schedule that’s productive and aligned.

    Daily task batching using cosmic energy.

    Batching by the elements

    Planning with retrogrades

    Week 4: The Sustainable Biz Model

    Simple 6 step rinse and repeat system for sustainable cash flow.

    Learn how to keep the wheels turning, in a way that energizes you and your business.

    Week 5: Energetics + Mindset

    How to energetically, mentally and physically set yourself up for success, and maintain it.
    Learn the top 4 mindset shifts that will take you from struggle to success.
    The 5 key healthy habits to increase & maintain physical and emotional energy.


    If You’re One Of The First 3 To Sign Up: You get a 1:1 Strategy Planning Session where we’ll look at your chart and strategize around your astro focus for the next month.

    Are you ready to live your life your way, knowing you have foundations and systems which allow you to leverage and grow your business in a flow-led, simple way that makes money?

    Join Sustainable Biz Growth Now

    Your Questions Answered

    How will this course be delivered?

    You get instant access to training.

    If you're joining a live round, you also get 2 live group coaching calls

    Do you offer refunds? What if I don't get results?

    No I don't offer refunds. The results you get are directly related to what you put in. I know this works, and as individuals each person gets the exact transformation they need.

    What happens after I sign up?

    You will receive a welcome email with the next steps.

    Is there any other support you offer?

    Yes you have the option to upgrade to VIP support which includes 1:1 sessions as well as Messenger support.  Contact me [email protected]

    How do I access trainings?

    Links will be sent after payment is received.

    Do you offer a guarantee?

    Yes. If you apply the frameworks and methods, you will be able to create a system and process that’s productive and flow-led.