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Next Step Strategy Session $44

1:1 Mentoring

High level - high touch. Deep transformation.


Bring your purpose-led and profitable business into being. (high level 6 month mentoring)

  • Integrate intuition, purpose and strategy for a sustainable AND profitable business.
  • Use masculine and feminine energy to your advantage.
  • Harness intuition to navigate and create systems in your business.
  • Align with nature's cycles for ease-filled business growth.
  • Create structure in your business, to allow spontaneity and make business building fun.

SoulWork Business

 Blend your purpose, passion and soul mission into a balanced business that's sustainable & profitable. (1:1 6 week container)

  • Crystal clarity on message, offerings and money making strategy.
  • Aligned with cosmic energy, for amplified action taking and results.
  • Implement structure and eco-SYSTEMS, to allow the space for spontaneity.
  • Tap into the natural way you work, to get more done with MORE ease and flow.
  • Trusting and using your intuition for strategic decision making.

Monthly Coaching

This is for you if there's something specific you need some help with.

We can work on:

  • Business growth strategies.
  • Flow-led productivity.
  • Marketing
  • Big picture planning.
  • Accountability.
  • Working with the moon.
  • Growing your business in alignment with nature's cycles.


Self-study - self-paced

Cosmically Productive

Lunar-led, Flow-Fuelled productivity System. Do more, with MORE ease, simplicity and flow. (self-study & upgrade to VIP support)

  • Create energetically flow-led theme/batching days
  • Use the planets, moon and Astrology to amplify the results of action taking.
  • Work with the elements on a daily basis to plan your week.
  • Plan for your energetic lows and highs
  • Use the 4 main lunar phases to move through your month with ease, and take the confusion out of what tasks to do.
  • Use your intuition to navigate and create systems in your business

Lunar Business System

The most consistent, predictable and reliable business planning system using ancient wisdom. (self-study & option to upgrade to VIP package)

  • Know the BEST and WORST time is to begin a new project or launch a product.
  • Understand the checkpoints and cosmic cycle timeframes for managing projects.
  • Learn the best times to take action or step back, to grow your business with more grace and ease.
  • Have a greater understanding of your own rhythm and what works for you.
  • Amplify your results by connecting with nature's greatest time keeper. Align with your own unique ebb + flow. 

Claim Your Calling

Use painful battle scars as springboards to create exactly what you want in your business. (self-study & can upgrade to VIP package)

  • Uncover what’s really holding you back, from creating your purpose-led business.
  • Have a deeper awareness of the backstory in order to create the future.
  • Connect with what truly matters, and get to the heart of your heart to unleash your true badassery.
  • Turn pain into pleasure, and use your pain to receive and lead.
  • Elevate + claim your calling, by shifting your mindset from hardship to receiving

One Off Sessions

Great for a quick win or breakthrough.

Business Planning Session

In this deep dive 1:1 Planning session we combine Soul, Strategy AND your lunar cycle.

Map out a month by month plan for 2023 using your personal moon, to get amplified results in your business.

During our time together we're going to:

  • Get clear on where you are now, what’s stopping you, and how to work more productively.
  • Implement masculine strategies and feminine energy for a more balanced approach.
  • Map out 2023 so you know what to focus on each month.
  • Understand where you need more structure to call in spontaneity.
  • Walk away with a clear roadmap for 2023 in an editable document.
  • 1 week of Voxer support post session.

Next Step Session

This is perfect if you feel stuck or unsure about the strategy to move forward.

Come to me with where you feel stuck or confused, and I'll give you your next-step strategy to accelerate your growth.

Start your year off aligned, and clear minded by booking in a flow-led business planning session.

These sessions are designed to be fast and straight to the point so bring all your questions and we'll go through as many as we can fit in. 

What to expect from me:

I'll bring 15 years of online experience with marketing, productivity and business building strategies, combined with lunar cycles and natures wisdom to show you how to create a business that's sustainable AND profitable with simplicity, ease and flow.

Productivity Flow Assess

Productivity and Business Assessment Session. (30 minute 1:1 call)

  • Get clear on where you are now, what's stopping you, and how to work more productively.
  • Understand how to use masculine and feminine energy to your advantage.
  • Simple personalized tools to support you in moving forward.
  • Understand where you need more structure to call in spontaneity.
  • Strategies to uplevel your eco-systems.